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Marine Research

Marine Research

Since the very beginning we have been upgrading and restoring Curaçao Sea Aquarium’s facility and we are committed to continued improvement of the facility and the unique underwater reef ecosystem that surrounds our facility.
Picture of a girl looking into an aquarium and Curaçao Sea Aquarium’s research facility.
Curacao Sea Aquarium canal restoration project consists of several projects that contribute to the reef.

Canal Restoration Project

The Curaçao Sea Aquarium Canal Restoration Project is a combination of medium scale projects that bind one another to contribute to the already existing reef. These web of structures, soft corals, mangroves and diets are inviting new fish and corals to settle in a safe and unfinished canal that provides refuge together with abundant food.
These ongoing projects are already showing great success as it is clearly visible how the different species of fish, corals and invertebrates that inhabit this area have been enriched since the projects were kicked-off.

Zero waste!

In 2012 Curaçao Sea Aquarium created an ongoing “zero waste feeding cycle” with great positive impact on the marine wildlife that surrounds the facility. This effort to preserve the marine fauna of Curaçao will ultimately benefit the long-term survival of these species.
Allowing aggregations of fish such as the Gray and Yellowtail Snappers to stay close to the facility and therefore be protected from over fishing, we are ensuring larger larvae production during each reproductive cycle, maintaining the constant repopulation and settlement of this important juvenile fish on several locations downstream around the island in the future.
A Sea Aquarium Curacao worker holding up fish in hand, keeping the zero-waist feeding cycle going, benefiting long survival.
Curaçao Sea Aquarium is committed to allow species of soft corals to be grown healthy and strong in their care.

Soft Coral Farm

The decrease of the coral reefs around the world is a reality that we all face today. For this reason, Curaçao Sea Aquarium is committed to developing fragmentation techniques that allow species of soft corals (gorgonians, zoanthids and ricordias) to be grown healthy and strong in our care.

Deep Water Fish Display

Curaçao Sea Aquarium offers unique demonstrations that recreate ecosystems of the abyssal reefs of the island down to a thousand feet. Working in collaboration with Substation Curaçao we have found, collected and properly decompressed several species of fish to be able to study and learn from these amazing organisms.
Curaçao Sea Aquarium recreate ecosystems of the abyssal reefs of the island down to a thousand feet.