Sea Aquarium Curacao

Aquarium Activities

At the Sea Aquarium Park there is plenty to do. The different companies at the park all provide a wide range of exiting activities.

In addition to the tours, shows and demonstrations that are included in the admission price to the Curaçao Sea Aquarium, each of the participating companies also offer additional programs that can be booked separately.

The Curaçao Public Aquarium is the heart of the Sea Aquarium Park. This is where the aquarium hall is situated.  Entrance to the Sea Aquarium includes the following activities, repeated several times a day, no reservations needed.

Dolphin Show:During this amazing show you can enjoy the dolphins and their trainers demonstrating their behaviors. At the end of the show you can have your picture taken while getting a dolphin kiss. AdditionalActivities-DolhpinShow2
Activities-sealionshow-sealionkiss Sealion Show: Come and see this fun and exciting show, where our professional marine mammal trainers teach you lot about these beautiful and interesting animals. After the show you can even get a kiss from one of the sealions.
Nurse shark action show: feed and pet the nurse sharks under supervision of one of our tour guides. Aquarium1
Aquarium2 Aquarium tour: the tour guides will tell you all about the flora and fauna in the aquaria. Just follow the tour guide, watch and learn.
Flamingos and friends: Feed and pet our flamingos and pelican “Pela” at specific times during the day. AquariumActivities-flamingo
AquariumActivities-1 Stingray encounter: feed and pet our stingrays under supervision of our tourguides.
Under water observatory boat (Boebi): In this semi-submarine you can see the sharks, turtles, stingrays and many more fish in their underwater environment and you can do all this without getting wet. OOB
AquariumActivities-touchtanks Touch tanks: the touch tanks are shallow basins with shellfish, sea stars, sea cucumbers and other beautiful sea creatures. Under the supervision of our tour guides visitors are allowed to touch them and observe them up close. The touch tanks will be opened for interaction several times a day.