Sea Aquarium Curacao

Sea Lion Encounter
The Sea Lion Encounter program is the ideal way to get to know our “flippered” friends up close and personal! A hands-on program has been designed to be both educational as well as fun.

In our encounter area and under the supervision of one of our professional sea lion trainers you will get nose-to-nose with these marine mammals and learn more about their unique physiology, feeding habits and behaviors. You can book your Sea Lion Encounter at the Sea Aquarium entrance. 

Dolphin Academy
Have you always wanted to swim with dolphins? Dolphin Academy offers various interactive programs in which you come in direct contact with the dolphins. For further information visit the Dolphin Academy Curaçao website.




Animal Encounters (Operated by Ocean Encounters)
Hand feeding  six foot sharks, sea turtles and sting rays in a complete safe and fun way is now possible. Animal Encounters offers various exiting programs allowing you to interact with amazing animals of the Caribbean Sea like lemon- and nurse sharks, green turtles, stingrays and many more sea-inhabitants.
For further information and bookings about this exciting and unique experience visit the Ocean Encounters website.




Substation Curaçao
Book a dive in the Curasub and experience the most unique underwater expedition of your life at Substation Curaçao. The Curasub is a specially designed 5-person submarine, equipped with the latest technology and built according to the highest safety standards. Making a dive on board the Curasub will grant you the experience of a lifetime without having to go through any training or getting wet. The Curasub can take you to the borders of perpetual darkness at depths of approximately 1000 feet, a depth that no scuba diver has ever been!
For more information and bookings visit the Curaçao Substation website.




Curaçao Dolphin Therapy & Research Centre (CDTC)
Founded in 2004, Curaçao Dolphin Therapy & Research Centre offers dolphin assisted therapy and revalidation programs. CDTC treats children 3 years and older with special needs like Autism, Asperger and Down Syndrome, or psychological conditions like depression, PTSD and burnout.
The dolphin assisted care team is led by a group of dedicated, specially trained and qualified professionals, including psychologists, physical-, speech- and occupational therapists, dolphin trainers and interns. The therapy sessions include the presence and performance of four bottlenose dolphins. For further information visit the CDTC website.




Pelican Boat Trips
Pelican Boat Trips offers a wide range of boat trips, enabling passengers to explore and experience the island of Curaçao from a different point of view; by boat. The Pelican has various daily trips to choose from and that are easy to book. At Pelican Boat Trips it’s also possible to arrange a private trip of any kind. For more information visit the Pelican Boat Trips website.

Pelican boat trips